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El Nido Cove Resort Review – May 2019

Every person needs a lovely place to relax and enjoy great holiday moments. For travelers who are visiting El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, El Nido Cove Resort is an excellent choice for a perfect getaway. The resort boasts of breathtaking views of Cadlao Island as well as the Bacuit Bay that hosts the famous Small and Big Lagoons.

El Nido Cove is operated by the Ten Knots Group that has cut out a name for its focus on delivering pure delight to every visitor. Whether you are planning to lounge at the beach the entire day, on a weekend getaway, or treating yourself to a soothing massage, El Nido Cove has the best.


Travelers find El Nido Cove Enthralling because of diverse holiday activities and lovely climate. After the day’s fun and excitement in the resort or exploring the lovely attractions, El Nido Cove’s accommodation is the perfect place to unwind. The resort has three types of accommodation you can choose from:

  • Garden Rooms
  • Forest Room
  • Beachfront Loft

Every room depicts special charm and warmth brought out by unique design and lovely furniture. Well, think of a relaxing morning with sun rays racing into your room and an enthralling view of the blue waters. It will be a view to remember for the rest of your life.

Every room at El Nido Cove is air-conditioned and has eco-friendly bath amenities. Here are other features:

  • Flat screen television
  • Air conditioning
  • Ceiling fan
  • Desk
  • Hot and cold shower
  • Sofa
  • Umbrellas
  • Bath amenities


When El Nido Cove Resort idea was conceptualized, the primary goal was to make it an irresistible paradise. In addition to the lovely accommodation, the resort uses its rich facilities to achieve the objective. Here are some of these facilities:

  • Massage: If you are used to massages done in enclosed places, El Nido Cove takes the thrill a step higher by offering it in open places facing the sea. As the soft hands of the masseur relax your muscles, the calm breeze and view of the sea make the experience unrivaled.
  • Great dishes: El Nido Cove has cut a name for offering local delicacies and foods from other regions. Whether you prefer to enjoy the Caribbean or Mediterranean dish, simply specify on your order. Some great delicacies include desserts, smoothies, pork Adobo, pizzas, and ice cream prepared by top chefs.
  • Plunge bath: If you simply want to relax in the resort enjoying the lovely weather, the resort has an impressive plunge bath. You can relax next to the pool enjoying the lovely sea breeze, reading a book, or chatting with friends online. It is awesome.


The location of El Nido Cove was carefully selected to deliver greater convenience to visitors. Here are some of the top attractions that make the resort irresistible:

  • Lio Airport: To make your travel easy, fast, and convenient, El Nido Cove Resort is only 4 kilometers from the Lio Airport.
  • Beaches: The location of El Nido Cove Resort in Palawan Island provides easy access to lovely beaches. One of them is the Talisayen Beach that allows visitors to relax and enjoy different activities.
  • Water sports: Today, holidaymakers want to get more from vacation by exploring rich neighborhoods of their destinations. El Nido Cove Resort provides the best position for sea activities. You can go up sports fishing, kayaking, snorkel diving, or enjoy helicopter tours.

The Final Take

El Nido Cove Resort is a paradise. It is uniquely located in Palawan, the Philippines that makes it easy for visitors to access and enjoy its lovely facilities. Whether you are looking for a facility to relax on a weekend getaway, explore water activities, or taste great Philippine cuisines, El Nino Core Resort is the place to be.


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