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Qi Palawan Resort Review – May 2019

The Qi Palawan Resort

Qi Palawan

There are very few places in the world that are as serene as the Qi Palawan beach resort. This pristine retreat beach resort is tucked away on the east-coast of EL Nido. This place is designed for the ultimate relaxation, although there is an endless list of fun activities that you can engage in. From mountain biking to SCUBA diving, you can be certain you will not experience any dull moment while at the Qi Palawan resort.

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Qi Palawan features 8 rustic cottages, and each cottage comes with wood furnishings and a thatched roof. The cottages are situated between the magnificent beach and a virgin forest. The aura of the undiscovered and unexplored forest in the North-eastern Palawan is like no other. The fresh air, peace and tranquility in the area are unrivalled.

One of the most outstanding aspects of the resort is that it is quite private since the cottages are the only developments around the immediate area. Imagine being able to relax and unwind on your own beach. Even the public beaches are still quite unpopulated, and you’ll certainly enjoy serene personal moments.

During your stay, you can choose to relax in your cottage, at the beach or engage in one of the many exciting activities available. If you choose to just chill, there is a spa in which you will get pampered to the fullest. You could also do some yoga to stretch your body and unwind.

If you are the adventurous kind, activities such as mountain biking, paddle boarding, and island tour will certainly be exciting for you. You could also choose to engage in water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, and kiteboarding. Kiteboarding is only available when during the trade winds season, usually between November and March. The adventure can extend as far as going fishing with the local communities.

This incredible resort also features an open-air restaurant that serves a sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine. There is a wide selection of healthy vegetarian options, that feature the best and most delicious Asian vegetables. The restaurant has free WiFi, through which you can easily connect with your loved ones and the rest of the world during your stay. Back in the cottages, you’ll have on-demand movies. Each cottage has a private bathroom that features a cold and hot shower as well as free toiletries.

Getting to the resort is quite easy. The closest airport is known as El Nido airport and it is a 50-minute drive away from Qi Palawan. Also, it only takes an hour drive to get to the El Nido town where you can experience the real life of the local communities.

Qi Palawan resort is particularly suitable for couples looking to spend some quality time together. Couples who have stayed there have given the resort an average rating of 8.8. When it comes to value for your money, Qi Palawan does not disappoint. In fact, it is the best-rated resort in El Nido. Staying in this resort will certainly offer you the perfect getaway, and give you a chance to explore the Palawan area in the best way possible.

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